All 4 factories of DAISHO operating with FSSC22000 based on HACCP hygiene management and PDCA cycle management system.
Our employees play a very important roles on operating improvemnt plans at all the 4 factories.

Above all, the number of improvement plan has been steadily increasing,
it has exceeded 400 cases a year for three consecutive year since 2018.
Our employees think for themselves and make improvement independently,
we support food safety of DAISHO and meet the user expectations.

We operate following the three policies below.

Food Safety Policy

In order to provide consumer with food safety and security, we address the following policies based on "Food Safety Is Our Top Priority"

  • Continue and improve the effectiveness of our food safety management system and provide safe products.
  • Comply with laws and regulations related to food, strive to improve the capabilities of all employees, and pursue "trusted with food safety" through internal and external communication
  • Set and review food safety goals together with our employees.

Quality Policy

Based on our corporate philosophy, we address the following policies with the aim of "Good Taste Makes You Happy"

  • Provide "trusted with quality" products to meet customer requirements and pursue customer satisfaction.
  • Promote education and improvement activities to raise awareness of quality among all the employees.
  • Set quality goals for each department and work together to improve quality.

Environmental Policy

We address the following policies to fulfill our responsibility for the protection and improvement of environmental activities with the "Limited Resources" required for management activities.

  • Comply with environmental regulations and protects the environment.
  • Carry out 3R activities reduce, reuse and recycle to promote environmental protection activities.
  • Contribute to community through environmental protection activities by spreading our environmental policy to all the employees.