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For Customers Who Prefer Daisho Even Overseas

For many years, Daisho was preoccupied chiefly with expanding its share of the domestic market. Recently, though, it set up new sales divisions overseas and began gearing up to enter the foreign marketplace.
Our goal is to supply foreign markets with the many safe and flavorful foods now prepared by our factory facilities in Japan. As a first step toward that goal, we have initiated market research chiefly in other Asian markets for potential sales of our Aji Shio-Kosho, Tare, and Nabe Soup product lines.

We have become actively engaged on a variety of fronts, for example, by placing our merchandise on display at business fairs and in antenna shops, distributing product pamphlets and recommended recipes, and inviting local business owners on tours of our Head Office and factory facilities in Japan. In fact, Daisho-brand food products have already begun to hit the market in Hong Kong, China, and North America.

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