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Good taste makes you happy.

With the corporate philosophy, “Good taste makes you happy,” DAISHO Co., Ltd. has taken up various initiatives in developing the “Yakiniku dipping sauce,” “Aji Shio-Kosho salt-pepper seasoning,” “Nabe soup” and other products with the aim of creating a rich food culture.

We have been promoting seasoning products that go well with ingredients (meat, fish and vegetables) at the fresh food section in a grocery store, but at the same time created a new market by introducing our original products such as vegetable salad dressing and Aojiru (green vegetable juice) to the fruits and vegetable section. Our flexible and revolutionary business plans are highly appreciated that they satisfy the diversified needs of consumers.

Further, consumer demands for “Food safety” have been increasing these days. In order to respond sincerely to such demand, we address the most crucial question of “Safety and security,” make effort to supply safe, tasty and convenient food products and hope to become a stable company with long-term business opportunity.

Logo mark

  • The straight line extending vertically stands for "creativity." This symbolizes our commitment to continual creativity, resourcefulness, and development rather than becoming complacent about the status quo.

  • The horizontal line expresses "unwavering reliance." As such, it signifies our determination to build a long-term reputation of reliance by striving for improvements in good taste and culinary culture.

  • The line extending toward the upper right symbolizes "progress." Daisho's image should be that of a company making progress powered by creativity and reliance.

The "D" in "Daisho" has been arranged to express a world of flavor coupled with broad-ranging strengths in merchandise, personnel, and distribution. Red is a color that symbolizes a friendly dining table and hope for the future.


Establishment December 1966
Paid-in capital 870 million yen (for the year ended March, 2018)
Representative Yosuke Matsumoto, President and CEO
Net sales 20,461 million yen (for the year ended March, 2018)

Tokyo Head Office
1-17-3, Kamezawa Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0014 Japan
Telephone: (81) 3-3626-9321

Fukuoka Head Office
1-11-17, Matsuda Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka 812-0064 Japan
Telephone: (81) 92-611-9321

Scope of business Production and sales of dipping sauce, soup, seasoning powder ingredients
Key merchandise items Yakiniku Ichiban (yakiniku sauce), Aji Shio-Kosho (salt-pepper seasoning), Kimuchi Nabe Soup (kimuchi soup mix), Motsu Nabe Soup (pork stomach soup mix), Dressing (salad dressing), Aojiru (green vegetable juice), and other blended seasonings

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